What is Chaks’ Corner ?

Chaks’ Corner is Chakkaradeep’s Blog where you can find some useful Information about the latest Microsoft Technologies and Linux. And also, Chaks’ Corner is a weblog covering many topics that are interesting to Chakkaradeep 🙂

However, The views expressed in this blog are those of the individual. This information is provided by way of general information only.

Who is Chakkaradeep ?

Its me 😉 My About Page would have more details about me.

And, Chaks ?

Its my short name and most of my friends address me as Chaks

I see Linux posts as well as Microsoft posts. Are you Linux Enthusiast or support Microsoft ?

I call myself a Microsoft Developer Evangelist 😉

Are you available for panel discussions/conferences ? And would you entertain offers to write for other sites/publications?

Yes and yes. Mail me and we’ll discuss whatever it is you have in mind.

Can I use your articles for my Presentation or any other works ?

Yes.Most of my works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. But some may be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License. If any changes, you would find them at the end of the article.

Creative Commons License Creative Commons License

7 responses

22 03 2008
Hitesh Varsani

Need your help man!!

is there anyway to customise a outlook calendar? i want to add names of employees i a week view. basically i need to create a Events Diary but want to create in outlook so i can easily share it within the company.

i have medium programming experiance but need your help as i was forwarded to your blog from a friend!! please help

2 08 2008
Michael Nguyen

Hi chakkaradeepcc,
I downloaded your code for Simple Speech Application Using SAPI 5.1 SDK; but I was not able to open the code using the latest Microsoft Visual studio 2008. What tool should I use to edit, build your code.
Michael Nguyen

31 10 2008
eman suliman

hi chaks

I try to use the code written in this website by you
to get all windows user but it throw exception tells that it is invalid query
the code:
SelectQuery sQuery = new SelectQuery(“Win32_UserAccount”,”Domain=’ALI-PC’”);
ManagementObjectSearcher mSearcher = new ManagementObjectSearcher(sQuery);
String[] winUsers = null;
int i = 0;
foreach (ManagementObject mObject in mSearcher.Get())
winUsers[i] = ((String)mObject[“Name”]);

I am using windows vista , is that the problem??
many thanks for your helping

8 01 2009

my seminar topic is windows server 2008 ,so please send me technical part on which should i give seminar along with document , my semianar is in 10 days ,so please send me ii

11 06 2009

hai, u r blog is very interested and i like to have info on the redhat linux as i like to start my career in linux and i like to have a help that is any experience need to learn veritas

24 06 2009
Dharmesh Panchal


In my C# application, I need event of Database opertion done on particular table
by any other application.
My database is in oracle. On update of one field done by any other application
I need event on my .net application.

Please provide one example

With Regards

17 11 2010

I need an urgent help . Please help to make a voice recognized program.
I just want to know how to read voice from a headphone in c#.net

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