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29 10 2007

Its well known thing that every Linux distribution has its own Community Forums, Mailing lists etc., etc.,. We should also not forget that each such forum will have their own Forum Rules and Conduct. The forums tend to see different people from different culture, different country, different mood etc., etc.,

So, what should be the main goal ?

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Come Join us – A Linux Distribution for Friends by Friends !

19 06 2007

Klikit Freedom Force


Klikit Linux 

Klikit Linux is now officially announced !

13 06 2007

Hi everyone. Some of us who use various distros have joined forces for a fun project. This is not an effort to “steal” anyone from any preferred project or distro. I have made many friends in many communities over the years and there are no finer people than the Linspire and Freespire communities.

Come and take a look.

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