8 02 2008

Earlier I blogged about ObjectDock and their Flyout Menus, but there is another application which is really better and good 8)

It is RocketDock . Its sure better than ObjectDock in terms of Performance and memory usage. And there is lot more to enjoy RocketDock! The Mac Leopard Fan and Grid menu!

Here are some screenshots,





Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1 are now RTM

5 02 2008


After a long wait, Microsoft today announced that Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1 are now RTM!

Windows Server 2008 is available in Connect for a small time period of 30 days (without product keys though) and in MSDN/TechNet subscriptions from today, but Vista SP1 will only be available to public from mid of March. But that said, even we Beta Testers haven’t received our Vista SP1 copy yet 8)

Cant wait to install final Vista SP1 😀

Geekzone Blogs Vista Gadget

3 02 2008

If you are regular visitor of Geekzone forums and blogs, then along with the already available Geekzone Forums gadget, you will find my Geekzone Blogs gadget too useful 8)

I developed it based on the forums gadget. Below are some screenshots,

Gadget docked

Gadget undocked,

Flyout window showing the contents of the feed (post)

(Click for a full view)

Please feel free to download and use it 🙂

Instant Viewer with Microsoft Presenter 8000 Mouse rocks!

2 02 2008

Everyone likes the Apple Mac’s Expose feature and wondered why Vista didn’t bring it on along with Windows Flip 3D 😀

Well, today I found a function with my Microsoft Notebook Presenter 8000 Mouse that there is a function called Instant Viewer that does the same thing and you can bind any one of the mouse buttons to it (Thanks to David 😉 )! It works great and looks great! Wonder why this isn’t present by default in Windows Vista 😦

Here is a screenshot,

(Click for full view)


Windows Vista Facts

20 01 2008


I am not sure whether this page is there from the beginning, but I found this today via NeowinWindows Vista: Facts 

I do agree with those Facts 8)

Microsoft ads comes to Youtube

30 12 2007

Yes, its late, but not too late 😉

Windows Vista and Liv@youtube

SystemIcons.Shield Icon

18 12 2007

Daniel Moth has blogged about the new SystemIcons.Shield icon added to the set of System.Drawing.SystemIcons collection. This new Shield icon can be used to display whenever an admin task is required to be carried out. You would be familiar with this icon if you are using Vista. For example – If you open the Indexing Options dialog box in Vista,


You can see the Advanced button has the Shield icon in it which indicates that it would be an admin task.

You can refer to Daniel’s post on how to add the Shield icon to Windows Forms application

If you want to add to an Image control in a WPF application, all you have to do is set the Image‘s Source property to a BitmapSource. You can create the BitmapSource object from an Icon as shown below 🙂

BitmapSource source = System.Windows.Interop.Imaging.CreateBitmapSourceFromHIcon
     Int32Rect.Empty, System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapSizeOptions.FromEmptyOptions());

this.MyImage.Source = source;

And you can see something similar,