Linspire CEO Mr.Kevin Carmony resigns

6 08 2007

Its been ups and downs for Linspire for the past one year and now the worse has come out. Linspire CEO – Kevin Carmony has resigned from Linspire on July 31st, 2007. More news here
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What does Linspire do ?

19 07 2007

Here is a diagram by me which depicts what Linspire does 🙂

(Click to enlarge)

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Enabling Root Account in Linspire 6.0

13 07 2007

By default the root account is disabled in Linspire. To enable root account,

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Linspire 6.0 released !

12 07 2007

After a long wait Kevin informed us the Release in the forums :),

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Linspire does remember their old CNR Gold Customers :)

9 07 2007

As to my previous post, where Linspire announced that the current CNR Gold Members would not be able to upgrade to Linspire 6, there was a big confusion going on in their forums and also it looked like Linspire betrayed their exisinting CNR Gold customers. Today Kevin, CEO of Linspire, announced in the forums that,

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Linspire – Money Minded ??

5 07 2007

Recently Kevin Carmony, CEO of Linspire Corporation announced in the forums that,

“Updates” are free, but “Upgrades” are not. Meaning, if you buy Linspire 5.0, CNR Gold members can get an “update” to 5.1 at no charge. “Upgrades” between versions, however, are not included. This is because we need to pay our licensing fees each time and can’t afford to give these away.
Those who purchased Linspire 5.x within 30 days will, however, get a free upgrade to 6.0.

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Linspire’s next move

3 07 2007

Kevin Carmony, Chief Executive at Linspire said,

“Interoperability with Microsoft Office documents is critical, and Linspire is pleased to join this ongoing effort with Novell and Microsoft to bring document interoperability to our mutual customer base.”

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