Yoper RC1 Released

19 05 2007

The Yoper team, together with lead-developer Tobias Gerschner, are
proud to announce the first release candidate of Yoper GNU/Linux 3.0,
codename ‘Ilmenite’.

This release candidate is available in 3 fashions as a slim CD of
approx 146 MB. A regular CD version ( 680 MB ) and a live CD of 700
MB. A DVD version will not be released at this point, but will be
available for the final release. The final release date depends on the
feedback we get from this release candidate.

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Yoper – 2.95 BlackSand MKII, Released!

25 03 2007

The Yoper team, together with lead-developer Tobias Gerschner, are proud to announce the next development release of Yoper GNU/Linux, codename ‘BLACKSAND Mk II’.

The release is available in 3 fashions as a slim CD of approx 160 MB. A regular CD version ( 662 MB ) and a DVD ( 3.7 GB ) containing all you need. In the pipeline is a live cd,furthermore Gnome 2.18 (in development) as well as Xfce-4.4 (available in the rocketfuel repositories).

This release ships with Kernel 2.6.20 including the ck-patchset, Xorg 7.2, KDE 3.5.6, Koffice, Firefox and lots of other cutting-edge packages.

Download the latest iso image from:

Building Packages has not been so easy !

28 01 2007

Building Packages for Yoper is so easy and safe that it does not affect the normal working system.

Though it may be a little hard to get to know what exactly Mach is, once you see it running, you would be happy that there exists an easy way to build packages 🙂

Yes, Yoper uses the Mach environment to build packages. In simple words, Mach is just a chroot environment in which you can build the package. To explain it more detail,mach allows you to set up clean build roots from scratch for any distribution or distribution variation supported and also for each package build, mach creates from downloaded RPM’s a chroot, which is a small linux environment. Mach controls this environment and also resolves build dependency (via the hosts apt-get) to create exactly the environment required to make functional and clean packages.

It was easy for me to set up mach in my Yoper box using this guide. And then one can follow the RPM Build Guide to have a look at how RPMs are build in Yoper.

The dependency list can be easily be gathered with the apt-get in mach. Refer Pre-building the Source Package in mach environment for more details.

I am not sure how far these guides can be helpful for other distros.

Any help, please feel free to post at Yoper Forums or at Yoper IRC (irc.freenode.net/#yoper)

Enjoy !

Gnome development in Yoper

24 01 2007

I tested the Weekly Slim ISO. It comes only with,

  • Only Terminal
  • No X or KDE
  • No default channels added too
  • The smart will be updated to fetch the packages from CD after installation
    • Insert the CD
    • Mount the cd to /media/cdrom as the CD does not get mounted when inserted (Need to explore why huh.gif )
    • Do a , smart update
    • and now install kde by, smart install kdebase kdmctrl
    • smart install gnome-base metacity gnome-vfs-monikers gtk2 pygtk
    • Then, from your KDE Login Screen, choose GNOME from the Session Type
    • smart channels –add <path>/channels.txt
    • Replace <path> with your path
  • Being that the smart updates the channels list to install packages from CD, if you have the Weekly Full ISO, then,

    For other apps like kdemultimedia, need to add the yoper repos.

    For GNOME

    We need to add lordtweety’s repo to the smart channel list. And execute,


    Yoper Channels

    Copy the following to a file,

    type = apt-rpm
    name = Yoper-3.0
    baseurl = [url=ftp://ftp.yoper.com/pub/yoper/yoper-3.0]ftp://ftp.yoper.com/pub/yoper/yoper-3.0[/url]
    components = rocketfuel velocity

    For example save the file as channels.txt

    Open Konsole, type the following,

    The is the Yoper Main released packages list. However if you want to play with Yoper you can add this too,

    type = apt-rpm
    name = Yoper-3.0 Devel
    baseurl = [url=ftp://ftp.yoper.com/pub/devel/yoper-3.0]ftp://ftp.yoper.com/pub/devel/yoper-3.0[/url]
    components = dynamite johnbon lordtweety melideux tobias musikolo

    And If you have already the RPMS in the Yoper CD as with the latest devel releases,add the CD to the channels list with this,

    type = rpm-dir
    disabled = yes
    priority = 1
    path = /media/cdrom/YOPER

    And FYI, if you insert the CD and if its not automounted, do this as root,

    mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom/

    Once you add or remove a channel to Smart, please do,
    smart update to be sync with packages.

Enjoy !