Linux Myth (?)

11 11 2007


Even though Linux journalists like SJVN try to push Linux a lot by doing anti-microsoft campaigns like these, there is always this Linux Myth with every user who wants to try Linux or uses Linux,

1) Linux is more Stable, Reliable

2) Linux is FREE, no penny being spent!

3) Linux is Virus Free!

One of my friend sent me an email recently on what he felt about using Linux –

I’ve been using Linux exclusively this year. But…. it is so boring! The only application I use is my browser. (Which incidentally crashes several times a day.) Seriously I don’t have a single useful program. I do all my coding in a vi terminal.

sidenote: The myth that linux software is more reliable is fading very fast for me. A wise friend of mine said to me many many years ago that the only reason Linux doesn’t get viruses is because IT DOESN’T DO ANYTHING. I’m beginning to see his wisedom.

I need not explain more here 😀

Thats why people still say Linux is no Vista Killer 😉


Community Discussions

29 10 2007

Its well known thing that every Linux distribution has its own Community Forums, Mailing lists etc., etc.,. We should also not forget that each such forum will have their own Forum Rules and Conduct. The forums tend to see different people from different culture, different country, different mood etc., etc.,

So, what should be the main goal ?

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Has Linspire fallen already ? – Bye Bye forever !

18 10 2007

Linspire was once the World’s Easiest Linux Desktop Operating System

The tagline is good, but how far it stands to that is the point 😦

With the releases of openSUSE 10.3, Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and other Linux distributions like PCLinux OS, Klikit Linux, Linux Mint etc., *spire is way down and its still going down, down into deep …. 😦

I wouldn’t even bother to recommend *spire to any of my friends !

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Welcome Gutsy :)

18 10 2007

October 4th, we saw openSUSE release their most expected 10.3 release and it has lived up to its expectations and got some good reviews around the Linux Community.

Now its time to welcome Gutsy 😀

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Dell updates Drivers & Downloads for Ubuntu

10 10 2007

Today, when I was checking for Drivers and Downloads for my laptop, I saw Ubuntu as one of the options in the Operating Systems list 🙂

Nice to see that the magic is really working 😉


openSUSE 10.3 – Thumbs Up !

8 10 2007

I play with many Linux Distributions, but haven’t selected one which would stay forever with me and remain as the one distribution which I could recommend to my friends.

Though I pre-ordered Gutsy Gibbon, I downloaded the latest openSUSE 10.3. I was waiting for this release patiently as it has got really good features. I am currently enjoying the Gnome edition of 10.3 as I am a Gnome fan 😀

After using it for some time, I would strongly recommend my friends to try openSUSE 10.3 release 😀

I think this would stay for a long time as my other Desktop along with Vista Ultimate

I would also recommend Klikit , which is shaping up really good and getting ready for the official stable release soon 😉


Your Linux is Ready

18 08 2007