Adding entries to ldap – PyLDAP

24 04 2007

In my previous post I explained on how we connect to ldap server and query the ldap server through python and ldap bindings. Today let us see how we add and delete entries from the ldap server using the same python and ldap bindings

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Small Introduction to PyLDAP

16 04 2007

PyLDAP is the Python LDAP API bindings which provides strong interface for python programs to access Directory Services.

I started off with PyLDAP today and thought let me help my friends too 🙂 and thus this entry to my blog 🙂

I have written a small LDAP class as a python module and a main program which creates the ldap class object and displays the current OUs and Users associated with the OUs.

First let me start with the file (Please bear with the indentations as I am not able to bring the indentation here in wordpress)

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Seeing a new world of Technology !

26 02 2007

I think its quite late that I came to know about the OpenSolaris Project . I didnt knew till today that Sun is also moving in a direction similar way the OpenSource giants are (RedHat, Novell, Linspire etc.,)

From the FAQ Section

The OpenSolaris Project consists of three key elements:

  • the OpenSolaris source code,
  • the OpenSolaris developer community, and
  • a website for collaboration:

The Solaris OS, however, is Sun’s operating system product, and future versions of Solaris will be based on technology from the OpenSolaris project. Solaris is available as a free binary download, and Sun offers service packages and regular updates. So, Solaris is a product supported by a company; OpenSolaris is a development project run by an community of developers.

Am pretty happy to see this and I have also ordered my Free Solaris Express free DVD 🙂

There are many OpenSolaris based distributions and I think NexentaOS seems to be promising.

I am very sure, this path, GNU/Solaris Community, is also gonna rock like the normal GNU/Linux Communities and am happy that I would be using them pretty much in my Masters study 😉

I downloaded NexentaOS Alpha 6 and its ready to get tested tomorrow !

Ubuntu on Sun’s UltraSparc (“Niagara”) Processor !

23 02 2007

Well, I was really surprised to see Ubuntu being the first ever Linux Distribution/Operating System to join the Sun UltraSparc T1 Family !..kewl isnt it 🙂

Here is the ISO to download 

Will be trying it out in the coming week,may be tuesday or wednesday.