openSUSE 10.3 – Thumbs Up !

8 10 2007

I play with many Linux Distributions, but haven’t selected one which would stay forever with me and remain as the one distribution which I could recommend to my friends.

Though I pre-ordered Gutsy Gibbon, I downloaded the latest openSUSE 10.3. I was waiting for this release patiently as it has got really good features. I am currently enjoying the Gnome edition of 10.3 as I am a Gnome fan 😀

After using it for some time, I would strongly recommend my friends to try openSUSE 10.3 release 😀

I think this would stay for a long time as my other Desktop along with Vista Ultimate

I would also recommend Klikit , which is shaping up really good and getting ready for the official stable release soon 😉