Latest Windows Dreamscene update

29 09 2007

Recently Microsoft released the Windows Dreamscene for Vista Ultimate users

Here is my Dreamscene video 🙂

Rechargeable backlit Keyboard from Microsoft

22 09 2007
WoW 😉

More details here 🙂

I want one NOW 😀

WPF Data Binding – Part 1

22 09 2007

Anybody who have heard of WPF should be wondering what is this Data binding 🙂

Yes, I was also feeling a bit difficult to understand what is Data binding, but things are becoming clearer to me as I go through many samples.

This post will give you an introduction to Data binding and you will really find how easy is to use Data binding than the normal way of doing things 😀

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Hang on…

22 09 2007

Its been long since I posted something useful 😀

I had fallen sick for the past few days and couldn’t do much 😦

Wait for some time and you will see me back with posts on WPF Data Binding from Scratch 😀

Will Linspire/Freespire come back to the race ?

18 09 2007

We had many news regarding Linspire,

1) Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony resigns

2) Linspire/Freespire not sticking to the release dates, getting postponed and finally releasing a dumb product without CNR and also many many problems (I have installed and now its in my rubbish bin)

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At Christchurch for Microsoft Student Day

13 09 2007

Tomorrow (September 14th,2007) is Microsoft Student Day at University Of Canterbury, Christchurch 🙂

Myself and David are here promoting Imagine Cup to the students 😀

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Installing Group Policy in Windows Server 2008

8 09 2007

Group Policies – One of the ways to manage/control/limit the system functionality for the Users. This is the strongest part of Microsoft Windows Server and I have loved it in Windows Server 2003 a lot designing policies. Remember, this Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) is not integrated into Windows Server 2003 by default and we have to install it by downloading from Microsoft.

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