Rare Snap

29 05 2007

I think this is very rare snap 😀

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Welcome LINA

28 05 2007

Next month a California-based startup plans to release an application that will allow Windows, Mac, and Linux users run Linux binaries without any modifications. Lina is a Linux virtual machine that runs allows users to run applications with the native look of their host operating system. It also lets you install applications with a mouse-click, no need to compile software from source code.

You can watch Videos on LINA here

www.raaga.com works now in Linux too !

26 05 2007

Ever felt you missed http://www.raaga.com and other sites which does not play in Linux with Firefox ? Now this has been fixed in their latest nightly build 🙂

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Yoper RC1 Released

19 05 2007

The Yoper team, together with lead-developer Tobias Gerschner, are
proud to announce the first release candidate of Yoper GNU/Linux 3.0,
codename ‘Ilmenite’.

This release candidate is available in 3 fashions as a slim CD of
approx 146 MB. A regular CD version ( 680 MB ) and a live CD of 700
MB. A DVD version will not be released at this point, but will be
available for the final release. The final release date depends on the
feedback we get from this release candidate.

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Dell chooses Ubuntu Linux !

1 05 2007

As part of an overall effort to update our Linux program, today we are announcing a partnership with Canonical to offer Ubuntu on select consumer desktop and notebook products.

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