Coding WCF Publisher/Susbcriber Model

30 07 2007

Before going through this post, please have a look here and here to get familiar with Publisher/Subscriber Model.

This post will give you code snippets on how I implemented the above model. I built 3 components,

1) PubSubService

2) PubSubClient

3) Publisher

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Adding a WCF Service to your Application

30 07 2007

As told earlier, Windows Communication Foundation is the new Service Oriented programming model introduced and included in .NET 3.0 framework.

Visual Studio 2005 along with extensions of .NET 3.0 WPF/WCF, helps you create WCF Services and also WPF Applications.

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HowTo – Publisher/Subscriber Model Design

24 07 2007

After a thorough reading done here, I think I have understood how the Publisher/Subscriber model is implemented.

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Elected as Microsoft Student Partner !

20 07 2007


I have been elected as Microsoft Student Partner by Microsoft NZ for University Of Otago 🙂

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What does Linspire do ?

19 07 2007

Here is a diagram by me which depicts what Linspire does 🙂

(Click to enlarge)

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TeamT4 in The Star

19 07 2007

The Star is a local newspaper here at Dunedin. They had interviewed us and here is the interview 🙂

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WCF and Publisher/Subscriber Model

18 07 2007

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is the new service oriented programming model included in the .NET 3.0 framework. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is designed to offer a manageable approach to distributed computing, broad interoperability, and direct support for service orientation. To know more about WCF, please refer here

Currently am programming the Publisher/Subscriber model. Let me explain,

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